How We Work

“Flexible design is good design.”

Bozak Design is highly adaptable and can work with your company in a variety of ways.

Product Design Services

We can help expedite part or all of your project within our abilities.

Check out our Product Design Services page to see what we can do for your company.

  • Per-product-quote in phases as defined by the scope of work
  • We are eager to get involved in your project at any stage
  • Ideation, research, prototyping, engineering models, 3D printing, and IP assistance are billed hourly plus expenses
  • Please see Product Design Services for more information
  • Bozak Design can work on a license basis to help lower your up-front costs, conserve your development budget, reduce risk, and increase your productivity
  • A retainer covers initial research, ideation, development, modeling, and IP which is refunded under license when the product goes to market

Products for License

Bozak Design is always on the lookout for ways to improve our lives. Through research and observation of market and cultural trends we discover new product opportunities that provide practical and useful product solutions to consumers.

Please check out fully IP protected products currently available for immediate and exclusive license.

Increase productivity and time to market with ready-to-license products.

See our Products for License page for licensing opportunities.