Hi! I’m John Bozak, Owner and Principle of Bozak Design LLC,

I’m an industrial designer with over 10 years of experience in injection molded consumer products. After completing my Industrial Design degree at the Rhode Island School of Design, I worked for recognized design firms in Los Angeles, New Jersey, and Connecticut, progressing from designer and design engineer into project management roles.

I’ve worked with several manufacturers overseas to resolve difficult design problems directly with their engineers, sometimes with sketching as our only means of communication.

My extensive knowledge of injection molding, plastic part design and tooling allows me to quickly translate blue sky ideas into beautiful, practical, and manufacturable products. I can work solo or in conjunction with your in-house marketing, design, and engineering teams.

I have a diverse work experience outside of design that includes everything from professional remodeling to satellite technician and I use those experiences to inform my sense of quality, craftsmanship, and precision in my work.

In addition to Product Design Services, I offer Products for License. These are fully developed, tested, and IP protected products that are ready for immediate and exclusive license. To learn more about available products, or to see how I can support your new product development, just fill out the brief Project Inquiry Form to set up your free and confidential meeting.

I look forward to working with you.


The Other Stuff I Do

I have to admit I love adventure and the excitement of discovery. I guess that’s why I’m a designer. Outside of design I like testing my limitations through a wide variety of activities; powered paragliding, diving, rock climbing, iceboating, and the piano.  They seem to help focus that analytical side while liberating the creative side. Anyway, they’re all different adventures and most importantly, they’re fun.